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creative-life-coaching-for-balanced-life, Issue #001
May 14, 2011

Welcome to this first issue of my new E-zine for my new website.

Here's an article on Work Life Balance you may find helpful.

The idea of Work Life Balance sounds like a pie in the sky idea which is difficult to reach. Do you lack energy? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands coming from the workplace? Here are some tips of ways you can recharge and rejuvenate yourself so you can achieve more balance in your life.

1. Do things that gets you moving

Walking is a great exercise. Swimming is refreshing. In snowy climates, Cross Country Skiing is a great way to let go of stress and recharge our batteries. Also, taking dancing lessons is both a good exercise and an excellent way to make new friends.

2. How about getting involved in sports?

Do you like Tennis, Softball, Basketball, Racquetball or any other sports? Sports you can do after work. Also, you can play these with family members and friends. Some of the places you can join sports are employee sponsored teams, local recreation facility, your church or community sponsored teams.
One caveat, to those who are very aggressive in sports be sure to play fair or folks may not want to play with you anymore. Have fun playing. You'll see your energy level increase and your relationships improve.

3. Be sure to take time off work -

A week long vacation is a another way for one to help balance life and work. You get to do other things you like to do including visiting new places. Having a nice long break from work then when you return to work you feel refreshed and have more energy and concentration for your tasks.
When you have a bad cold or flu please consider taking the time off. It is tempting to continue to work because you may be behind in some of your responsibilities but not getting the rest you need then you may get sicker. Plus another negative is that you may spread your illness to co-workers.
If you stay home and feel better then you will have more energy for your job and the other parts of your life.

4. Are you taking on too much at work? Are coworkers asking you to do things that are not part of your job responsibilities? If you don't gently say, "no" then you will have less time for the tasks you are responsible for.

5. Give yourself some quiet time. When we keep real busy for the whole day we don't allow ouselves time to understand more about ourself. Some quiet time allows us to get more in touch with ourselves and relax. Have you ever tried Meditation, Yoga or other mindfulness exercises? These have been very helpful to people for centuries.

The times that are good to do meditation are when we are least likely to be interrupted like early in the morning and late in the evening. When you do these in the morning it makes for a wonderful start of the day before work. When you do it late at night before you sleep it may help you have a deeper, more restful sleep.

There is no need to do all of these at once but gradually add the ones that make sense for your life.

If you have any questions or comments about this article on work life balance then go to the contact page and please send me a note. Thanks.

Over time, I'll add more life balance and coaching articles to this website. In future newsletters, I will inform subscribers when new articles have been added.

If you ever find that things are getting out of hand be sure to seek out professional assistance. It's a sign of inner strength and resilience when you seek out help, when you need it.

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