What is life Balance?

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Answering the question what is life balance isn't necessarily easy. After all, this can be a difficult concept for many people to wrap their brains around. When it is considered as a fluid, ever-evolving way of bringing more harmony into your life, it is much easier to grasp.

The reality is it is a matter of degrees that can easily change as you age and your circumstances change. What brought harmony in your 20s, for example, might not necessarily create the same sense of equilibrium in your 60s.

The good news is that no matter what age you are or what your circumstances are right now, your balance can always be improved. Consider that balance includes your satisfaction in these areas and you’ll see where improvements can be made: personal growth, healthy living, recreation and fun activities, personal finance, relationships, career, mission and personal sense of purpose.

To determine the level of balance in your personal circumstances at any given time, consider all of these areas and determine your satisfaction with them on a scale of 1 to 20. One constitutes a nonexistent satisfaction level; 10 is barely passing and 20 is perfect. Use the scores for greater awareness of the areas you are happier with and to pinpoint those that need improvement.

Coming to a place of equilibrium or at least striving to is critical for gaining a sense of inner satisfaction and harmony. We all usually feel like we’ve lost something if one of these important areas are neglected. Chances are you will find that some areas are better tended to and others are somewhat neglected. It’s very beneficial to put more time and energy into the neglected areas to build a more encompassing sense of satisfaction. Doing so can help you answer the question of what is life balance for yourself.

When there‘s a better harmony, the benefits are many. They include:
Feeling more energized
Gaining a sense of fuller participation in life
Gaining a sense of greater enjoyment

The benefits creating a greater sense of harmony can depend on the area you choose to make improvements in, for example:

Healthy lifestyle benefits might include better health and wellness, perhaps lower stress, and more periods of happiness. Personal growth improvements might give you a better ability to deal with the challenges that come from time to time. Developing a mission and purpose could bring a sense of inner calm while also providing you with more energy and focus since you have a better sense what is most important to you.

Improvement in one area can have positive effects in one or more other areas, too. If you have difficulty with organization skills at work, for example, making improvements in this area could benefit your home and personal situation, as well.

In regards to personal growth, this can help you improve your entire outlook while helping you define what is life balance for yourself. If you have a poor level of coping with stress this will affect the other areas in your personal circumstances. But, if you learn better ways to cope, this will impact other areas in a positive way.

One way an aspect of personal growth can be helpful is found in the way we interpret the meaning about the things that happen to us. These interpretations can affect how stressed or calm we are concerning specific situations that are occurring or have occurred. So, learning to make a different interpretation might just change how you feel about similar situations you are facing.

Maintaining a healthy fitness routine that involves exercise a few times a week can have positive ripple effects throughout your week. For example, this is a great way to let go of unhealthy stress and reenergize your batteries. Some stress is ok because it can be a motivator for us to take action. However, It`s unhealthy when we are not able to cope with it and it causes health and other problems. Other things that can get us moving are fun and recreational activities like taking walks, bicycling, dancing, swimming and practicing martial arts. And when some of these are done with others they can start new relationships and strengthen relationships you already have.

Another way to be healthier is to improve one's diet. Eating less fat, less salt, less sugar and adding higher quality protein, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables can help you be and feel healthier. Plus, it might even help you lose weight. The full impact does depend on your body`s needs and health status. Further good news is that a healthy body is much better equipped to manage stress than an unhealthy one.

Concerning relationships there are healthy aspects of being more involved with family relationships and friends. As you probably know, when you are better connected, you can share concerns, give and receive support, affection, love and much, much more.

Getting a handle on personal finances is also a great way to strive for more harmony. If you manage your finances better, this may make you feel more competent and this feeling of higher self-esteem could have positive effects in other areas of your personal situation.

What is life balance is very subjective, but please keep in mind, we can improve it and recreate it as we go along. We can put the energy into this work and see real, meaningful improvements. Also, we can get assistance while doing this.

Coaches can help smooth out the process and aid in dealing with roadblocks and hurdles.

Balance work and play

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