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creative-life-coaching-for-balanced-life, Issue #005
November 28, 2013

Nov. 2013

Welcome to this issue of this coaching Ezine.


I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

Ron Mitchell

Free training:

I will be presenting a free tele-workshop on Mindfulness on Nov. 19th.

In this seminar we will cover:

1. A simple Mindfulness exercise

2. We will discuss some of the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

3. Then, we will go over different ways to incorporate these exercises into our daily lives.

Presenter Ron Mitchell, Personal Coach

Ron has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 30 years. He will present a fun and interesting seminar.


Bob K. from Washington state sent me an e-mail stating that after the Relaxation workshop he tried the exercise and it aided him in having a good night's sleep. He told me that he had been having sleeping problems for a week, before this.

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This newsletter comes from the home of Ron Mitchell, Professional Life Coach in Rochester, New York, USA.

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