Explore the Benefits of Recreation

Taking time out to relax, unwind and enjoy can seem monumental in today’s workaday world. Doing so, however, can increase your vitality and may even add more meaning to your life. The benefits of recreation are many as are the ways you can unplug and enjoy.

Why Take Leisure Time Seriously?

Taking a little time out to rest and relax can have benefits that ripple throughout your week. Some of the perks of unplugging and doing what you really want to do or engaging in something personally fun and rewarding include:

•Encourages more involvement with children, family and friends and can further strengthen relationship bonds.

•Physical pursuits such as walking and running are great ways to improve wellness and fitness.

•One of the benefits of recreation is that you might meet new friends, deepen relationships or even start a new romance while having fun.

•You might be able to support your company’s team building efforts by taking part in an out-of-office program.

•Leisure activities can aid you in relaxation and lowering your blood pressure. Off time is a great stress reliever. It can aid in releasing built up stress and tension and may help you cope with some of the challenges you are dealing with.

Off time is a great way to support personal reflection. When you are outside enjoying nature, gardening, taking photographs or even playing football, you may come up with insights and understanding that can be helpful.

•Another one of the benefits of recreation are that one can discover the strong connection between a healthy body and a healthy brain. When you take care of your body, exercise and release stress, you may enhance your focus and increase your concentration.

•Relaxing activities may bring out more of your creativity.

•If children get involved with activities that get them up and moving, this can be advantageous for them, as well. Children who are more active increase their chances of getting better grades compared to “couch potatoes” with the same aptitude.

•Helps you balance work and play by bringing into your week more fun activities.

Outdoor recreation changes your surroundings and gives you the ability to breathe fresh air while enjoying the sights and sounds that are often overlooked.

•Physical exertion can make you feel better and may enable you to enjoy more periods of happiness. In turn, this might increase your overall quality of life. A Psychologist shared with a group that a half-hour of walking is equal to one dose of antidepressant medication – and it’s a lot more affordable!

So, what resources are available to you to aid you in gaining some of the benefits of recreation? Here are just a few ideas:

Get Up and Get Moving

Another one of the benefits of recreation is that it improves your health and wellness by getting you involved in sports and other fun activities that get you moving and your heart pumping. Take part in physical exercise and other things that get you moving and you’ll burn calories, possibly lose weight and may even strengthen and tone your muscles. The end result is a great way to unwind that improves your fitness standing in the process.

There are a variety of things you can do that can get you up and moving. They include sports, such as tennis, touch football, softball, basketball and even pickle ball and other low-impact alternatives.

Indoor Fun Can Work Wonders

If you prefer your activities indoors and less physical, there are plenty of creative options for leisure that you can choose from. Explore a hobby, go to concerts, movies and plays. Or perhaps sit down and watch a good comedy to enjoy a good belly laugh. In fact, laughter has been found to be incredibly therapeutic and the pursuit of it can be one of the best ways to spend your leisure time.

Hobbies can be especially beneficial for anyone that needs to relax and get away from it all. Gardening, learning how to take photos, starting a collection, and more can all produce positive effects for you mentally and physically.

Games and taking the time to learn something new and of personal interest can also provide a much-needed break from everyday routine.


Off time doesn’t have to involve a hobby or physical exercise to have positive effects. You can set your own personal adventures and go on them. Possibilities here include going to amusement parks, visiting area beaches, checking out regional and local parks, taking trips and going on vacations and more.

Everyone – it doesn’t matter who you are – needs a little time off now and again to relax and forget about work responsibilities at least for a while. Adventurous times and vacations can help you get that break while enabling you to rejuvenate and recharge yourself.

If you happen to work in a helping profession (social work, counseling, legal profession, law enforcement, the medical field, firefighting, etc.), your need to get good break can be even higher. After all, professionals in these fields often feel close to burnout because they face lots of demands and high stress. Taking time out is a great way to recharge and take care of yourself so you can take care of those that are depending on you. If you feel like your clients, patients or customers are “sucking the energy out of you,” it’s probably a great time for a break!

If it’s time to bring out more of the benefits of recreation then coaches can encourage you. These coaches are professionals that seek to help people strike a balance between their work and personal lives. Fitting recreation into the overall routine is just one of the aspects of balance a coach can assist with.

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