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creative-life-coaching-for-balanced-life, Issue #002
May 12, 2012

5-12-2012 Welcome to the second issue of the Ezine for this website. This issue includes an interesting article, new page links and short descriptions of the articles.

Tips for Striking Balance in your life

In the quest to make ends meet, many of us lose sight of the need for balance. It’s a problem that a lot of people share, but few know how to remedy. Making room for personal time, however, is as valuable in the long run – if not more so – than time spent chasing a pay check or the next big promotion.

So, how can you add a little more quality time?

To help bring more harmony into our existence it can be helpful to do a variety of things during down time. Activities that give you a boost, help you relax or enable you to take a break from work and a busy schedule are all great energizers.

The activities don’t have to be terribly time consuming or involved to add value and balance.

Here’s a list of ideas for unplugging and helping one get the creative juices flowing and perhaps coming up with some of your own ideas.

1. Go for a walk in nature.

2. Visit a museum

3. Eat at a restaurant or have a picnic.

4. See a concert: jazz, rock, blues, classical or whatever genre makes your heart sing is great!

5. Invite a friend to do something, together.

6. Stop to smell the flowers, go window shopping or just do anything leisurely.

7. Do your favorite hobby.

8. Go out and take pictures.

9. Plan and go on a vacation.

10. Give or get a massage.

11. Do some Geocaching.

12. Do something physical like playing some tennis, pickle ball, volley ball or any other sport you think you might enjoy.

13. Dance.

14. Take a class in something you enjoy.

15. Go for a swim.

16. Hug your partner or a friend for no reason.

17. Call a friend or a family member you haven't spoken to for a while.

18. Listen to your favorite music.

19. Pray, meditate, do a mindfulness exercise, read some spiritual literature, do some Yoga, Tai Chi or whatever helps you get more in touch with your spiritual side.

If you have any other ideas of healthy things to do, then please send them to me. I may start up a new list of things to do to unplug, unwind and strike a balance!

Thanks, Ron Mitchell

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