What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching? This is a common question I get. People read about it in the newspaper, hear about it on TV and from friends but still thay are not sure what it is.
First, I want to start by saying what it is not. In this work, coaches doesn't yell at you and tell you to do 50 push-ups and 50 laps arond the stadium because you didn't do your work. If you make a mistake you are not told, "you are off the team". However, what is similar to sports is that you are encouraged to excel and bring out your best.

The focus is on helping you to follow your dreams and reach your goals. The Professional Life Coach and you put together a plan to reach what's important to you. Before this, through discussion and appropriate use of powerful questions, that which is really important to you is clarified.
Also, in this process we look at possible internal and external roadblocks that could get in the way of this work. Then we would look at appropriate ways of dealing with these roadblocks.

The goals could be personal or business related. One of the personal issues could be bringing more balance in one's life which is the focus of this website. In this balance work, we discuss these areas in your life - Your career, personal growth, personal finances, healthy living, relationships, recreation and fun stuff and your mission. You choose the one or more areas you want to work on. Then we put together a plan together to improve the area(s) and implement them.

Business related work can center on and can include writing a book, starting a new business, making an existing business more successful. It also could include learning work time management skills, improving executive, management and leadership skills plus much more.

So basically What is Life Coaching? It is a dynamic conversation whereas that which is important to you that you want to attain are clarified. Then a plan is created and implemented until your goal(s) are reached.

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