Creative Life Coaching

Creative Life Coaching brings out creativity in the coach and clients. This work opens up possibilities, brings out strategies and solutions that can help you realize your goals and dreams by connecting you to your inner resources.

We each have a great amount of resources, strengths and potential inside of us to utilize. Sometimes these resources just are not readily available to us.

A variety of techniques and tools are utilized in this work to help us open up to our inner resources and boost our creativity. In this article, I will discuss a few of them.

The first one is the asking of Powerful Questions. The mentor asks questions that provoke powerful understanding or lead to more questions to help you gain profound personal insights. For example, "If you lived the life you wanted to live, what would you be doing differently?"

Another is brainstorming, which can generate a number of problem-solving ideas. For example, a parent with a busy schedule of work and family responsibilities wants a healthier lifestyle. She needs to figure ways to include more exercise and balance in her life.

So, in a brainstorming session, the client throws out an idea. The professional and client then go back and forth to hone in on possible ways for the client to have a more balanced life. All these ideas are written down. At this point, no possibilies – even silly ones – are thrown out. They all get written down. Then, later you cross off those ideas on the list that are not appropriate or likely to succeed. What’s left are solutions that are more likely to deliver success.

A third technique is Reframing. This is where the mentor points out something the client is dealing with in a different more affirming way, than the way the client sees it.

The fourth one is where the coach works with metaphor. The client states she/he feel like a member of a chain gang; chained down by aspects of life. We would go further into this. Then we would look at what would life be like without those chains. The client may say, “I would be as free as a bird.” We, then would discuss more about what that would look like and possible ways to bring that into one's daily life.

A fifth creative life coaching technique is the Mile High Perspective. What would the situation you are dealing with look like from a mile above. This allows you to put some distance between you and the difficulty you are thinking about and that is challenging you. For example, looking from a higher vantage point you could ask yourself, "Should I stay in burn out in my current career and learn ways to manage stress or consider making a career change"?

Finally, taking some time for quiet and using mindfulness techniques on walks or periods of meditation on the subject of inquiry may bring up ideas, inspiration, insights and solutions that one may not have considered.

Creative life coaching adds that extra magic to this work. So as to help you find that way of life that is important for you.

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