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creative-life-coaching-for-balanced-life, Issue #003
January 13, 2013

Winter 2013

Welcome to this Winter issue of this Ezine.

Recently, I started a free Career Change group. We meet weekly on Tuesday nights from 8-9 PM EST. We are going thru a popular career change book. The meetings are over a tele-conference line. If you are interested please call me, Ron Mitchell at 585-473-0624.

Also, I started a new website for those who are coping with Add/Adhd. The address is

New Pages:

Learning to Balance Work And Play for a healthier life is something most people know is important, but fail to do anyway. Using creativity, commonsense and helpful tips to even out the demands of a career, family and personal needs is the focus of a recently published article. It explains the benefits of learning how to relax while showing that success is still possible, and perhaps even more so, when a logical balance is struck. Finding ways to have fun and enjoy life – even at work – is critical for leading a healthy life that’s reasonably low in stress and high in fulfillment.

Successfully transitioning from high school to college life isn’t always easy. Time management, financial management and other skills that may have never been required before all come into play at the very same time many young adults are enjoying freedom for the very first time. That’s why Coaching college students can prove so crucial. It is meant to help young adults adapt to challenges they face. A personal consultant can help iron out schedules, improve self-confidence and more while ensuring students learn to rely on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

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Benefits of recreation - There’s more to wellness and health than eating right and getting some exercise. Learn why it’s important to take advantage of leisure time to relax and enjoy life. Recreation has its benefits that can help you feel more fulfilled.

Life balance coach
- Find out the techniques and resources coaches use to help clients make meaningful improvements. From getting creativity flowing to empowering people to explore their true interests, there’s more to coaching than meets the eye.

What is life balance
- Balance is about learning to manage stress and gaining satisfaction, harmony out of daily pursuits and more. The actual what is part can be defined only by you. Pros in this field can help you make improvements, but you have to take it the distance to enjoy the benefits.

Professional Life Coach
-Can coaching be helpful to you?

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This newsletter comes from the home of Ron Mitchell, Professional Life Coach in Rochester, New York, USA.

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