Balance work and play for a healthier life

We labor so hard to earn a living. We all need breaks from our career responsibilities. Balance work and play activities to make life happier and more rewarding.

We all need stuff to rejuvenate our batteries; time to let off steam. That tightness that builds up in our muscles can be let go of. Just relax and take deep breaths - release tension. Let out pent up energy. This is a good way to help manage stress.

Allowing ourselves to let off steam helps us not to spout out at friends and family. It also helps us talk with them in a more even keel.

Other benefits of learning to relax and have more time to spend in recreation include:
It enables one to bring out more of our creativity – When you are relaxed, it may assist you in connecting with your inner resources.
It may free up your mind so you can come up with solutions to challenges you are dealing with. So how can you enhance your off-time so you can enjoy it more?

Consider taking vacations and doing things that light you up. See places you never been to before or visit favorite getaways. This way you can experience sights and sounds you wouldn’t be able to experience in your own community. When you come back to your place of employment you can feel refreshed and have more vitality and feel more optimistic after some balance work and play time. When you go, remember to leave things at the office. It’s beneficial to have some time for recreation and leisure. It can be enjoyable to have periods of flow and unstructured time.

Taking care of yourself in this way may lessen the chance of job burnout. It may also improve your health and wellness. An advantage is that we are more able to deal with the challenges of our careers with clearer heads, and we may be able to achieve better results that may propel us for more success.

Relaxation You Can Do By Yourself And With Others

Looking for other things you can do to unwind? Here are just a few more ideas. You can enjoy tennis, your favorite hobbies, take walks, take some photos, enjoy the arts, participate in some sports, go out dancing, whatever is fun for you, the possibilities are endless.

Be willing to try new things. Just focus on the activity and try not to think about things at the office. Being “in the zone” can be rejuvenating. Times of flow do matter.

Balance Work and Play on the job

Can parts of your job include more activities you enjoy? Or, if parts are already fun, can those parts be expanded?

During the times you are doing your less-than-interesting parts of your job, can you listen to some music? This may help you get more into your occupation. You can fill a MP3 player and recorder with some of your favorite music and then listen to it with headphones on. Fellow employees may catch you tapping your feet while you are at your desk.

Include pictures and or posters in your cubicle or office that remind you of enjoyable times. Focusing on a beautiful image for a short period of time may give you a little break and inspiration you need to aid you in keeping some sense of harmony. A professional life balance coach can be of great assistance here, as well.

Some people feel guilty when they are having fun and think they need to be busy all the time - a professional Life coach can help one deal with this negative self-talk and the other things that keep you from having fun.

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