Coaching for College Students

Coaching for college students is a holistic and optimistic approach of assisting students so they can excel in a variety of areas. There are a lot of challenges in a university to deal with during this time of life.

As you know it’s a big transition. Higher education is much less structured and it is a big change to deal with as compared to high school and residing at home. You may have less emotional support from family, especially if they are many miles away. This might be your first time being away from home for an extended period of time. You are facing a variety of demands of school work, as well.

A professional can help you adapt to these challenges and more. For example, you can learn about developing good study habits, planning to write papers effectively, ways to prepare for tests and more. These pros can also help with such things as:
Motivation, time management and organization solutions;
If you need to learn ways to overcome procrastination;
Creating beneficial computer to-do lists;
Using MP3 players, recorders and smartphones to enhance your time management performance.

There are more responsibilities when one’s in college; however, it’s a great opportunity for more independence and enrich personal growth.

Companies and executives have consultants to help deal with a variety of issues. You can have your own personal consultant for personal development.

Balancing Personal Life

Starting new relationships, making new friends and exploring new romances can be great during your university years. For some, however, it can be very difficult.

Is developing new relationships a challenge for you? Then support can very beneficial.

Setting goals – both short term and long term ones – and achieving them can create a sense of accomplishment both in school and personally.

Through personal coaching you can learn how to:
Use your best strengths;
Improve your self-confidence and self esteem;
Have greater amounts of success and satisfaction in school with problem solving strategies;
The skills you already have can be enhanced.

You may need to learn to utilize your creativity for positive solutions. A personal coach can provide training, support and encouragement and can give you the boost you need to make the transition go more smoothly.

Those living with ADD/ADHD are roughly 1 in 20 of the adult population. They have their challenging ADD/ADHD symptoms and characteristics to deal with, which complicates one's studies and how they manage school responsibilities. Helpful tools and techniques could come in very handy for you who may have this challenge.

Even students who have transitioned well into a university program who are now working through the doctoral process can use some assistance from time to time. For example, dissertation support may by critical for some.

Those in the process of writing their doctorate thesis could use help keeping in action mode on their dissertation.There’s a great amount of reading, writing and research to do.
Also, they need to balance this work, their job with family responsibilities.

Professional coaches can help on these issues and more. This kind of support can assist one in achieving the PhD quicker.

Another advantage of these services is that it is convenient since it’s done over the phone. Finally, a very important benefit of this mentoring work is you get to gain a mixture of tools and techniques that can be valuable to you for years to come.

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