Compliments for the Coach

Here are some compliments clients have given to Ron Mitchell, Life Coach:

- One woman dealing with Adhd told him, "Thanks Ron for keeping me on task!"

- A student working on her doctoral degree told him that, 
"If it wasn't for the work we did together, I would have had to postpone my wedding!” Jean, College Professor in Maryland

- "Thank you Ron for being positive when I wasn't,” noted another college student. "Your emphasis on bringing balance between work, life and school has been very helpful". Mary, New York

"Ron is a great coach.  What makes him great?  He asks questions that made me think and examine what I needed to do to achieve greater success.  He also held me accountable.  And most important – he helps me stay focused on the goals for the session.  From my experience  - He is one of those rare pros that knows how to best guide the client for immediate results.  I found his guidance practical and effective." Julie, Career Coach

More compliments for the coach : 

After receiving several online responses from him, one femaile client with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder emailed him a note suggesting, "You should write a book". Sue in Indiana

"Ron's coaching helped me get a job by helping me stick to our plan of getting a paycheck by a certain date. The reminder to stick to the plan was helpful with my ADD brain wanting to forget about it and keep researching and keep putting it later into the future. I applied for a job knowing that it was crunch time. I would not have applied for the job if I didn't have that accountability. It also helped me stay positive.,  helped me keep balanced by allowing time for exercise and fun and working on other life goals at the same time. He also helped with brainstorming which is fun for me. All of this helped decrease the stress of looking for and finding appropriate work. The coaching helped me also with structured planning of when I was going to do certain things to prepare for the interview. We discussed questions to ask or things to find out about the job so I was prepared for that too. Overall I had a better sense of being confident in the interview." Beth in Pennsylvania

"Thanks for helping me plan for the group presentation".

I do better with the mindfulness exercise when you guide it. You have a good voice for this. Have you made a recording of a mindfulness session?

"Thanks Ron! You are a great help. Best, T.S. New York, Mother of a college student with ADHD

Three things Ron is told quite often in Coaching Sessions : "That's a good idea", "That's a good question" and "thanks a lot". 

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