There are a variety of Add strengths

There are a variety of add strengths those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder may have.                 

Here are just a few of the positive characteristics that can accompany this condition:

Many can deal well in emergency situations, remaining calm under pressure. Some are experts at multi-tasking.  Their ability to hyper-focus can be beneficial. They can really get immersed in what they are doing.

They tend to be a lot of fun to be around. Some tend to live very much in the moment and are spontaneous. They are often flexible and easy going. Quite frequently, they are very willing to try new activities and explore new things.

Some can be sensitive and empathic toward other people’s feelings and situations. They tend to be rather intuitive. They can be great conversationalists. They tend to be rather forgiving of others’ mistakes. Quite often they are open to learning new ways of dealing with their AD/HD. Before they knew they had this deficit disorder, some may have developed ways to deal with many of the challenges the symptoms presented to them all on their own.

Many are open to professional coaching help to learn personalized techniques, gain personalized tools and listen to tips on ways to counter distraction, attention loss, time management and procrastination issues.  They can be courageous in dealing with their challenging symptoms. Many are quite intelligent.

They are often curious. Adults are open to learning ways to counter negative self-talk and increase positive self-talk. Can be very good at computer games and tend to adapt well to technology. Many display strong skills they have learned or enhanced from being a partner and a parent - like being more loving, better able to compromise, etc.

Those with ADD often have a good sense of humor. Some would call it “quirky.”   But, it allows them to lighten up so they don’t haven’t to always be really serious. They tend to be a little lighter going through life. They are often masters at laughing at their own mistakes and foibles. Some are so good at humor and seeing a funny slant on things they become comedians. They are often very helpful to others.

They show lots of creativity and have an artistic flair. Some become artists and musicians. They can come up with some very creative ideas. What some call “out of the box” thinking. They can show greats amount of enthusiasm and energy. Some are leaders and executives and can delegate well. They can be persistent with their family, people at work and play like a “dog with a bone.”

These Add strengths can help those with ADHD enjoy a more fulfilling life.  Some famous people with ADD

serve as great examples that it is possible to have a thriving and successful life.

They share some of the same positive characteristics noted above. Great sportsman like Michael Phelps, Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming, Justin Timberlake musician and actor, master musicians such as Mozart, Political Commentator and ex-advisor to President Clinton, James Carville and the person who started Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson are strong examples.

There is nothing in the diagnosis that says you can’t achieve success in life.

You may not become a famous person, but you have a lot of positives and you can reach for and attain the goals that are important to you in your life. 

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