3 Key considerations when living with ADHD

Living with ADHD can be challenging at times but let me begin this article by taking a look at some of the positive aspects you may have lost sight of along the way. If you have ADHD, you have a variety of strengths:

Being sensitive – your sensitivity can help you empathize with others when they are going through a tough time.

Being enthusiastic – your enthusiasm can be very helpful at work and at home. Being enthusiastic about stuff can help you enjoy your job more plus it can be a nice contagious thing for others, making you more fun to be with.

Being creative – your creativity and ability to think outside the box can help you at work and personally l by helping you to come up with solutions to problems.

Being energetic – your energy levels are often a boost around work and with family and friends.

Having a sense of humor – your sense of humor can be used whenever you make a mistake, helping you to make light of it rather than being critical of yourself.

Living with ADHD – Considerations to Improve Your relationship with you Family 

Family members can often misunderstand what you may be going through. They see that you can do well in certain areas you like but not in areas you dislike. They may think you have a choice, choosing to be sharper in some areas of your life but being "just lazy" in others. They may not see it as part of your ADD, or perhaps they don't even believe that you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Consideration #1

Loved ones may misunderstand your challenges so information and understanding can help them see your issues differently. Ask family and friends to read specific articles on the subject that you choose to share with them, or copy a part of a book which has good information about the challenges.

If you have ADD, you can’t expect those who don’t to understand everything right away. Remember, it took you a while before you started to accept that you had this unique brain chemistry condition.

Consideration #2

It's important to stay connected with others, whether it’s family, friends or loved ones, and also to make new friends.

Make it a definite plan to spend time with friends and family, maybe putting a note on your engagement calendar to call so and so about setting up something to do together. It can also be useful to send short notes saying, “Thinking of you” or, “How are things going for you?” Make sure you make a note of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions on your calendar at least a week in advance so that you are reminded to contact them or to acquire a present.

Do fun stuff when you get together with others. Go out for meals or take part in a shared activity, or just spend time talking with each other by arranging phone conversations. If you have a partner, plan regular dates and make sure you spend quality time together. Besides receiving love and affection from others there are also less obvious benefits like learning new things, personal growth, problem solving, and you may gain tips from others on ways to deal with your ADD challenges. Whatever you choose to do, one possible result of being more involved with others is an increase in your level of happiness.

Consideration #3

Give yourself daily mini retreats. Set aside time for yourself each day, ideally 30-45 minutes each morning or evening. You can use this time for activities that you find calming and quieting, allowing you to focus on centering.

For example, you might choose things such as spiritual reading or poetry, or perhaps yoga or Tai Chi, but make sure you do something that engages you. If you choose to take walks in nature, take time to notice the world around you. Doing this regularly not only helps you rejuvenate your batteries, it may also help you to increase your understanding of yourself. If you are living with ADHD, it may take time to find the best form of activities for your mindfulness time but by making it a daily routine habit, you will find the resulting calmness can be felt for longer periods of your day.

No two people are the same but if you are living with ADHD, I hope the ideas I have shared with you may help to bring more balance and harmony for you. Whatever your current circumstances, make time in your life to share fun times with others and to help them better understand your condition. Shared time as well as time alone will help both you and those around you to make the most of living with ADHD.

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