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ADD in adults is a very real condition that people sometimes struggle to understand. While many are familiar with ADD in children, some don't necessarily realize that adults, too, can face the same symptoms. Fortunately, Adult Add is a very manageable condition when the right measures are taken.


Attention deficit disorder is technically called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which shows up as challenges in maintaining attention, being easily distracted and, in some adults, hyperactivity or a feeling of restlessness.


Some people in blogs claim it`s fake.  To them, it`s just an excuse for lazy and dumb students or grownup employees.


Quite to the contrary, this is a specific disorder that shows up as problems in the “Executive Function” areas of the brain where information is processed and stored. It is a difference in brain chemistry and shows in a variety of symptoms. There is also evidence that some people might have a genetic inclination toward ADHD. The reality is that many of those who suffer from the condition are hard-working, intelligent and even gifted.


While most people have occasional issues with attention and distraction, ADD in adults affects people from the moment they wake up until they go to bed.


Signs and Symptoms


Many with ADHD had it as children and some experience a later onset. Some don`t realize they have it until their child is diagnosed and they see that they have some the same symptoms, which may include:

 • Difficulty focusing attention on one thing at a time. Also, they are easily distracted by the activity around them.

• Getting bored easily so they don`t pay as much attention as is required by the task at hand.

• Accumulating clutter. Relatives may with a smile on their face affectionately call them “pack rats.” Sufferers often have great difficulty with organization skills.

• Difficulty with goal setting, especially with setting life goals.

• Difficulty with completing projects. This challenge is another common way that ADD in adults manifests itself.

• Difficulty with time management. For example, they may figure completing some task takes 30 minutes, but the reality is much longer.

• Problems remembering things. Those with ADHD may miss appointments due to memory issues. They may forget things like their keys or things they need for their job or college student responsibilities.

• Problems with personal money management. It’s not uncommon to see sufferers forget to pay monthly bills or impulse buy to the point they have trouble managing their credit card debt.

• Tendency to interrupt people since it’s difficult for a person with ADHD to wait.

• Problems with listening skills that may challenge communication with friends, family and coworkers.

• Tendency to get very angry, quickly and say things which break up friendships, cause disputes in their family and their marriage.

• Hyperactivity may show up in some as a sense of restlessness, a fidgety feeling, and sometimes an inability to sit still.

• Not measuring up to what they are capable of punctures their self-esteem.

• Some abuse substances like alcohol and drugs to counter their difficulties.


Diagnosis has to be handled very carefully by a professional since some other conditions have similar symptoms as ADD in adults. Getting a diagnosis, however, can provide some relief for one with ADHD because it can provide a sense of understanding for the individual about what they have endured and that they can deal with it. 

If you have some of these symptoms and characteristics and are wondering whether you may have the condition or not, please contact me for a short test that I can send you. This test will not prove you have it, but the results can give you a good indication of whether or not you might want to seek out a professional evaluation.


While many of the symptoms of this condition are challenging,  ADD in adults can also display many characteristics that are technically strengths.

• If really interested in something that lights them up, they can come up with some creative ideas.

• One strength is the ability to hyper-focus. They can really concentrate on some activity that is enjoyable and exciting. However, a problem with this is they have a hard time with disengaging from the activity.

• The many individual strengths they have. 

• A great sense of humor, which can be harnessed to help with their challenges. They can learn ways of dealing with the symptoms.

Help is Available

Life with Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder doesn’t have to be a seemingly impossible struggle. An add coach can provide the support and training people need to successfully manage challenging symptoms. Skilled life coaches can provide individuals with the tools and techniques they need to lead more fulfilling lives.

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