Household Budget Template

Here's a free Household Budget Template for your use. You can use this to help get a better handle on your personal money management which, in turn, can help you to improve the balance in other areas of your life.

If you frequently find yourself wondering where all your money has gone, you need to create a budget. A detailed monthly budget plan is an effective way of monitoring all of your financial affairs and it’s a great way to keep track of exactly where your money goes.

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or dreaming of being able to afford a vacation or a new car, using the template below can make the difference between dreaming of doing things and actually being in a financial position to go ahead and do them.

Household Budget Template

                                                                              Monthly amount
Rent or mortgage                                                       _________

Loan payments                                                          ___________

Home line of credit payment                                    ___________

If own                                                                         _________

State and local taxes yearly divide by 12 = monthly  _________

Water                                                                          _________

Home maintenance                                                     __________

If rent                                                                          _______

Renters insurance                                                        _________

Food                                                                            _________

Eating out                                                                    _________

Gas and electric                                                           _______

Car payments                                                              ________

Car maintenance                                                        ________

Car insurance                                                             _______

Home insurance                                                         ________

Life insurance                                                            ________

Medical expenses                                                      ________

School expenses                                                        ________

Cable (a)                                                                   ________

Home phone                                                             ________

Cell phone                                                                _______

Internet                                                                     ________

Entertainment                                                           ________

Charities                                                                   _______

Memberships                                                            _______

Vacations (b)                                                            _______

Gifts                                                                         _______

Savings and investment                                           ______

Pest control                                                              _______

Hobbies (c)                                                              _______

Miscellaneous   ________                                       _______

Other   ________                                                     _______

Other   _________                                                   _______

Other   _________                                                   _______

Total                                                                        _______

Net income: If you get a minus figure then you are spending more than you are earning.

(a) For those who are less techy; one way to save on cable is to reduce the number of channels. If you have the extra channels because you love movies, you can get movies over the internet much cheaper. Renting movies and getting them thru the mail or streaming them on your computer is much more cost effective and the money you save can go toward vacations or other special treats. Alternatively, your local library may have movies you can check out for free.

(b) Budgeting even a small amount of money each month toward vacation costs helps to limit the amount you take from your savings or the potential to put more on credit.

(c) For example, if you are into an expensive hobby such as photography or skiing, put money aside for equipment purchases and upgrades or other related expenses.
The household budget template above could also be used as a family budget template.

Personal money management can sometimes feel like a chore but it’s only when you know exactly how much money is coming in each month and exactly how much is going out that you can begin to make those little adjustments that might help you to make ends meet or allow you to put something aside for a rainy day or a special treat. Keeping track of your financial balance can help you to create better life balance by taking the stress out of money matters.

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