Adult ADHD help is available

Those with ADD ADHD may face a number of challenges, but adult ADHD help is available.

These challenges can include such things as problems with attention, distractions, executive functioning, organization, time management, fighting procrastination, working memory issues, clutter and more. 

Here are just some of the things that can help those with adult ADD:

Playing Games

Through Cogmed working memory training those with ADD can strengthen their attention skills and sharpen their ability to counter distractions through playing online brain games that are both fun and beneficial. 

This non-pharmacological program has been well researched. 80% of those who have used the program have reported improvements. Research has found that the amount of improvement is about 33%. The program is divided up between three versions for younger and older children and adults.

One receives weekly support and encouragement from an ADHD coach during the program.


If you would like to give medication a try since it has been found to counter attention deficits then your physician can refer you to a psychiatrist.

Be sure he or she is someone experienced with prescribing for those with ADD/ADHD since it may take trying different meds and dosages before the right prescription is found for you. However, meds won't counter all of the challenges related to this diagnosis. There's even a saying that goes something like, "pills can't teach you skills". 


Adult ADD ADHD coaching can be very helpful for those dealing with Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

There are a variety of benefits including:

One can learn strategies and gain skills that are tailored for them to better deal with their challenging symptoms.

One can improve their organizational skills at home, work and in college life. 

Gaining support, encouragement and accountability can help one figure more ways to use their strengths like humor, creativity, curiosity and willingness to make beneficial changes in one's life to counter their challenges. 

You can be more efficient through better time management skills and in turn get more things done.

Learn ways to use assistive and computer and smart phone technology. For example, text to speech and speech to text software may save you time at work or in your student life. Computers and smart phone reminders, some apps., calendar and alarms can be a benefit.

If you want, you may gain strategies to take charge of clutter so you can live in a more orderly and clean environment. 

You can gain ways to counter negative internal self- talk.

Do more fun things and enjoy life more. Incorporate more balance into your life.

Coaches can assist you in fostering better personal money management skills.

Giving you an edge to be more successful in life while enabling you to gain a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. 

You can master goals you thought were impossible for you to reach.

Positive Psychology

Low levels of anxiety or down feelings caused perhaps by the bumps and bruises of 

modern day life may be lessened to a point where you can enjoy life more through coaching which includes aspects of positive psychology. 

Adult ADHD help can include Exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and relaxation

Exercise can be beneficial since it has been found to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain, release stress and deliver other positives.

As you probably know healthy nutrition has positive benefits compared to a junk food diet.

Check out this government website:  choosemyplate for ideas on healthy eating.Also, including Omega 3 in your diet has been found to be a plus for many with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Relaxation exercises can assist you in letting go of stress and pent up energy.

Daily meditation/ mindfulness exercises have been found to increase brain activity. Also, continual and daily learning of new things enriches and further activates our gray matter. 

In stress management training, you can gain tools that can counter your stress build up. 

So there are a variety of ways which provide adult ADHD help. Exploring them can give you the tools you need to overcome challenges and gain greater mastery of one's symptoms so you can flourish. 

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