Photography Coaching

Photography coaching can help men, women and children improve their pictures while having a fun time with their hobby. 

The coach can help you keep up with your hobby. Help you figure ways to plan photo trips and times to work on your shots on your computer. 

Gain tips so you can Improve the composition of your pics. 
Set Up the elements in the picture so you get the image you want.

Would you like to take better and more balanced nature images, black-and-white pics, more beautiful landscape scenes, animal pictures, better pictures of family and friends?

You can improve your travel and vacation shots.

Are you tired of having dark pics?

You can create clear images rather than blurry ones? 

You can Learn ways to improve the lighting exposure of your photos so the subjects are clear and not blurred. 

Do you know how changing the ISO will help you get photos that are less blurry?

Cameras these days are like little computers in complexity.
Is your digital camera too complicated for you to operate? 

Learn ways to use some of the many features of your camera. 

Would you like to learn In which situations do you use which features?

Have you tried using the white balance feature to improve your shots? 
You may wonder to yourself, "Should i use digital zoom or optical zoom?

And camera related equipment can be difficult to figure which one to buy and use? 

What lenses do i use for the subject i want to take a picture of? 

Coaching can help you figure out ways to earn income from photography.

Ron has taken different photography classes over the years 
He has taken tens of thousands of shots. 
His images have won some awards. 
His Photos have been in different magazines like Lake effect and Nature's wisdom magazine, 
Over time his images have improved and he's able to teach and mentor others 
and share some helpful tips and techniques so they can use their digital camera 
more masterfully and take better pictures .

Photography Coaching

is one example of hobby Coaching. Ron can work with those who may prefer to put more time and energy in other arts crafts and hobbies but not sure how. 

For more information please use the contact form on this website.

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Balance work and play 

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