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While it can be difficult to manage the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD, it’s not impossible. An adult ADD coach can help train you in the tools and techniques you need to manage the symptoms and characteristics that have caused you problems since the disorder’s onset. 

A coach trains clients on ways to achieve their work deadlines. These pros are also very adept at helping people learn the advantages of time management skills and promote more productive solutions to organize paperwork and projects. They give clients the tools necessary to take action against clutter plus other things that need to be done and enable clients to learn ways to overcome procrastination and lack of motivation.

When those with adult ADD work with a coach they also take home a number of other advantages. They can work directly with their professionals to devise solutions that promote successfully dealing with challenges in one’s career

One of the advantages of working with an Adult Add Coach is receiving assistance on putting together plans of action. The professionals can:

· Aid you in setting life goals.

· Assist college students so they are more productive in their college or university training.  

· Keeping them accountable by encouraging them to do what the consumer said they would do. 

· Men and women both can gain something from learning more about executive brain function and working memory challenges

When difficulties arise mentors and their clients look together at ways to counter and solve them. Also, they provide lots of support and aid clients in dealing with their ideas of perfection.  

These professionals can also help people:

· Learn ways of dealing with distractability characteristics of Attention Deficit Disorder.

· Change negative self-talk to positive.

· Learn from and be more accepting of one’s mistakes .

· Use their sense of humor and creativity in ways that aid them in dealing with their ADHD signs and symptoms. 

Another one of the benefits of working with a pro is that he or she can join with you in creating a life balance strategy that will be beneficial in both work and play. Another advantage of this work is the fact trained practitioners can encourage and support wellness and a more healthy lifestyle. Some of the things one can learn here include:

· Techniques for relaxation and stress management including mindfulness and breathing exercises that can help reenergize your batteries.

· Ways to manage worry, muscular tension, stress and those times you feel overwhelmed

· Guidance in some of the best ways to deal with impulse-related difficulties. 

· Ways to improve relationship skills with family and friends. 

Cogmed Working Memory training has been found thru research to help 80% of participants improve their attention and ability to counter distractions. Ron Mitchell can provide this program to you.

Practitioners can also assist you with personal money management issues including saving money, taking care of bills, credit and budgeting.  They can assist you in learning some of the key ways to stop losing things with some memory advice. A pro can bring up creative ideas and tips which can be beneficial to you.

A good practitioner celebrates with you your successes. Some focus on positive psychology which can be helpful since in performing positive psychology exercises you can discover what your talents and strengths are. Utilizing your strengths and talents can counter the feelings of boredom when you aren’t being challenged. 

You can enjoy a flourishing and fulfilling life where you can reach your potential. 

Mr. Mitchell has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s of Social Work (MSW). The later was earned at  Syracuse University and has years of experience in working with a variety of people to help them realize their goals. He’s also clocked many hours of professional coaching training and has spent a great deal of time coaching those with the symptoms of Adult Add.  

If you would like to learn more about working in any of the areas mentioned in this article, then you may want to contact Ron Mitchell,  Adult Add Coach at five eight five and four seven three and zero six two four.


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