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Even when you’re driven to succeed in college, you still need to enjoy the fun stuff. We all need times to relax from the school work and work in general.

It's important to bring some balance into your life. But what about partying?
Do you find it difficult, balancing fun stuff with school work?
Many are working while going to school so balance is important. Exercise and movement can help your fitness level. Plus keeping up with good nutrition can help keep your body and brain healthy.
Do you find yourself getting stressed out a lot?
Could it be helpful for you to learn more healthy ways to cope with stress?

College Life and Money
As you move into the collegiate world, you’ll discover you have different personal money management issues to deal with than you may have encountered before. You might be receiving money from parents, job income, grants, scholarships and student loans. Chances are you are spending, stretching out your resources, dealing with credit and credit card companies who are swamping you with applications with all kinds of enticements for you to apply for their cards.
Could you use help with money matters?

Do you need help to plan ahead of time before you graduate? For example, finding out more about employment in your field of study?
You can research what’s out there through informational interviews - possibly do these during school holidays - this could be a valuable part of the pre-job search.

For future job prospects one tip is you may want to consider what type of social media exposure of your college life you would like to be out there. Some companies may be more liberal and accepting; others may have zero tolerance of your “fun and crazy” exploits. Employers are getting more tech savvy. They gets lots of applications so checking out social media sites may be a quick way to select out the ones they don’t want to even consider.

Finally, a very important benefit of Coaching for college students is you get to gain a mixture of tools and techniques that can be valuable to you for years to come.

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