Free workshops on add adhd

The next Seminar will be 

Five ways to flourish with Adult Add/Adhd

This program will be on May 12th 2016 at 7:00 PM 

This is a Free program which is interactive and full of excellent information will be held at the Henrietta library in Henrietta, NY near Rochester, NY 

Presented by Ron Mitchell Add/Adhd coach 

Ron has been doing ADHD Coaching for more than 5 years. 

He has many hours of professional coaching training . 

Also, he has 30 plus years experience in the helping professions.


Jan. 7th 2015 Ron did the seminar at Brighton Memorial Library which was well attended. 


Ron presented a program on ways to Flourish with Adult Add/adhd to Gradda meeting at Al Sigl. 

In October   2014

Gradda meets monthly at Al Sgl the Third Wednesday of the month. They are the equivalent of Chadd in Rochester, New York. Contact Ron for their e-mail address. 


THE Mindfulness Workshop was held in Dec.  2013. See ezines for the latest info.

Thursday 8-9 PM EST

Ron presented a Stress Management workshop in October 2013. The participants found the information very helpful.   

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